Production House Special

ABC History Sessions: Production House Special

When I was young and before I’d discovered DJs or independent record shops, my only experience of Rave music came through compilations with titles like “Raving Mad” or “Kaos Theory”. At times these compilations could be a mixed bag, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous one track to the next, but amongst the dross were some gems – one of the first artists who regularly appeared on these compilations to really capture my attention was someone by the name of Acen.

Ram Records Tribute

ABC History Sessions: Ram Records Tribute

As I was putting this piece together news reached me that Ram had done a deal with the music industry giant BMG. This was no real surprise since Ram is a label that has never been content to sit still – It’s a label that is constantly moving forwards, seeking to reach new audiences and adapt as clubber’s tastes change.

1980's House & Techno

ABC History Sessions: 1980’s House & Techno (1986 – 1989)

Like the electro that preceded it, house music was an electronic genre that began life stateside in the 1980’s. Originating from Chicago, early house music was heavily influenced by disco, electro, and electronic pop – but what characterised it as a genre of music in its own right was the repetitive 4/4 rhythms and minimal nature of the songs.

Hardcore Breakbeats

ABC History Sessions: Hardcore Breakbeats (1990 – 1991)

Although Hip-House was the first attempt at combining house tempos with breakbeats, it proved to be a short lived fad that had completely fizzled out by early 1990. It wouldn’t be until UK producers began experimenting with drums that the potential for breakbeat based warehouse music was properly explored.