Influences: Hip Hop

There’s no doubt that Hip Hop had a huge influence on Hardcore and Jungle music throughout the 90s. Many of the scene’s leading lights including DJ Hype, Danny Breaks and DJ Crystl all came from a Hip Hop/Electro background before upping the tempo for the ravers. For me though, it was the other way around. I originally got hooked on Rave music before subsequently discovering a love for Hip Hop years later. Part of this was down to initially recognising certain samples, and therefore feeling an instant connection with the music. That connection sparked a curiosity that drove me to dig deeper into Hip-Hop, and the more I dug, the more I fell in love with it. I guess one of the great things about sampling is that it can breathe new life into older music and expose it to an audience that may not have otherwise shown an interest. That’s certainly been true in my case, not just for Hip Hop, but for all kinds of other music that was made before I was even born too. For some time, I’ve wanted to put a mix together that pays homage to Hip Hop’s influence by only using tracks that …

ABC History Sessions: Britcore (1988 – 1991)

It must be frustrating for UK Hip-Hop. Every time it’s about to break through, it gets eclipsed by another scene that comes along to steal the moment. In the early noughties it was dubstep and grime. Back in the late 80’s to early 90’s it was the rave scene.

ABC History Sessions: Production House Special

When I was young and before I’d discovered DJs or independent record shops, my only experience of Rave music came through compilations with titles like “Raving Mad” or “Kaos Theory”. At times these compilations could be a mixed bag, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous one track to the next, but amongst the dross were some gems – one of the first artists who regularly appeared on these compilations to really capture my attention was someone by the name of Acen.

ABC History Sessions: Ram Records Tribute

As I was putting this piece together news reached me that Ram had done a deal with the music industry giant BMG. This was no real surprise since Ram is a label that has never been content to sit still – It’s a label that is constantly moving forwards, seeking to reach new audiences and adapt as clubber’s tastes change.